Be Safe

1 minute read


Our world is experiencing an unprecedented pandemic. We are stricken with fear and uncertainty with each day. Those of us that are able to work remotely, are at this time. Not everyone is able to do so, and I am thankful that this is an option for my family and I.

I am seeing some of the best of human nature at this time; in our resiliency and kindness, while I am also witnessing the worst of human nature-greed, hatred and selfishness.

As a data professional, I love data and understanding the world around me with analysis; however, I have decided that I will not do so with COVID-19 data. While we are currently in the midst of this tragedy, I do not want to potentially add to any more misinformation and fuel the fears that others are facing. The fallout from this pandemic is tremendous, and people worldwide are being affected by this crisis.

I want to give my deepest respect for our health-care professionals that are working hard to treat patients. I also offer my condolences to those that have lost their lives during this time.

Please be safe and take all necessary precautions to protect yourselves from this virus.