Defended! Done and Done!

1 minute read


On July 8th, 2020, I successfully defended my dissertation! I am now Angela Baltes, PhD!

The actual defense went incredibly well, and I think that is in part due to my work beforehand. My professors stressed the importance of having a polished product to avoid delays at the end. Due to COVID-19, most universities are not meeting in person this summer. So, I defended in the comfort of my home instead of in front of an audience. I was able to incorporate my props into my presentation slides and it was still an engaging defense. I would like to thank Toastmasters for helping me to prepare. I highly recommend them if you feel public speaking is not a strength of yours. They offered great feedback on my speaking in addition to the content of my slides.

Once I submitted my dissertation to the dean, there were only minor changes that needed to be made. My dissertation was officially accepted 7/10/2020! At this point, I believe that I order copies. I asked my mom if she wanted one. Lol. I am not sure what else to say other than four years of hard work has paid off! Let’s see what life brings next! Big cheers!