Insight Fellowship!

1 minute read


I have officially been accepted as an Insight Data Science Fellow.

I originally applied about 2 years ago, but was not accepted at that time because I was still in the middle of my PhD program. Honestly, when I got the acceptance letter I couldn’t believe it. I chose the Data Science track because I wanted to work on a project that may be outside the realm of healthcare. The fellowship is 7 weeks in length. I am going to build a real-world data science solution and demo my work to various companies. What will come of this, I am unsure, but I do know that I am going to learn a ton and work hard. The project I have in mind is related to food insecurity. I am moving in this direction because so many people are facing this reality right now. I think a project that addresses this would be relevant and timely. Still thinking of how to develop this idea…

Due to COVID-19, the entire program will be done remotely. In a sense, I have accepted that remote work will be a way of life for some time.

I plan to share my experiences about the program as soon as it begins!